My Story

My Scentsy Story began a few years ago when my friend introduced me to Scentsy.  We both had been looking for a wickless candle, or something that we could burn, that would leave a wonderful lasting scent, but without the sooty residue that candles can leave behind. When I moved from our home of 20 + years into a new beautiful home, I had no idea that those beautiful scented candles, in those beautiful country containers had left such an awful residue on my walls, floors and anywhere I did not clean on a daily basis. My friend introduced me to Scentsy wickless scents and some beautiful warmers, infact I have collected many for holidays and different occassions.  My home is now free of soot and residue, best of all, it always has a wonderful scent. I am in love with this wonderful product, both in it's long lasting scents, and in the beautiful warmers that decorate my home. My favorites are the Plug-in Scentsy Warmers! I know that once you give Scentsy a try, like me, you will never go back!  Join me in bringing the scents of the season into your beautiful home! <!--endbody-->